Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | March 19, 2009

in which yelley is a misanthrope and knits a bag

Nearly everyday, I read the boy’s dad’s blog. Most of the time it is about things that don’t really interest me, but sometimes it is about something that makes me think. Today he wrote about legalized gambling in Pennsylvania, which is of little relevance to me since I live in California, but he seems to say that we should protect people from themselves when they cannot. In this instance, he says gambling should not be legalized because it preys on the weak members of society. I suppose that may be true, but I guess I am guilty of the “I am not my brother’s keeper” mentality. I would not want a casino in the town I live in, but that is because I just don’t think it would positively add to my town’s already poor image, not because I am worried that my neighbor will gamble away his rent/grocery/child support money. If people want to gamble, let them gamble. (Same goes for smoking pot, being a prostitute, marrying someone of the same sex, and other currently illegal things, I’m sure.)

So the thing that is wrong with this… unfortunately people do need to be protected from themselves. Those of you that know me well know that I am not a people-person. I have little faith in humanity and I don’t expect people to do the right thing ever. I want to be able to trust people to do what is best for themselves and anyone else that they may have control over, but I know that is not likely to happen. Misanthropy is so great.

In other news, other better and yarn-related news, I have knit a bag (not actually a hat).

This is a special bag, because I designed the pattern myself and it is the first pattern that I will be selling. It will be for sale at an excellent yarn shop in Sonora, California, By Hand Yarn and probably also here on my blog eventually.

Yes, it is most definitely a bag. Not a hat. Though it does fit my head quite nicely.



  1. Well, I am not only a people person, but I am also in favor of making most that is illegal, legal. Including gambling. My reasoning is this: People already do it. They aren’t going to stop just because it is illegal. Most people do it without any significant harm to themselves or others. Those that would harm themselves, would harm themselves anyway. Therefore the government should be collecting tax money so that when Joe Six-Pack wrecks his life, there is some kind of program to take care of him.

    And I think that you should label the pattern that the bag also doubles as a hat. A twofer.

  2. was just curious… “the boy” your child? Your child’s dad?

    • Yes… I guess I’ve never been really clear about who I mean… “the boy” is my boyfriend. I am still childless, but he’s nearly 3 years younger than me so I still call him my boy. ^_^

  3. Smart looking bag, Yelley. You are so talented.
    You deserve a talented home. Perhaps that’s going to be an apartment for a while.

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