Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | April 20, 2009

in which yelley ends her long term relationship.

Dear Meijer Platinum MasterCard,
We’ve been in a relationship for quite a while now, but lately I have been feeling like I’ve been bringing a lot more to the table than you have. Haven’t I been loyal to you for the last several years? I pay you on time each month, often early and always more than the minimum that you ask of me. I never put in the minimum, I always give you as much as I can afford to give. And yet you keep asking me for more, keep increasing my annual percentage rates. I’m trying so hard to keep us together, and it seems all you do is try to pull us apart.

And let’s not forget that incident at the electronics store, and the one a few months before that at the grocery store. You know that my credit is in perfectly good standing, so why did you put a hold on my account? Do you know how embarrassing it was to be in line with a television or a full cart of groceries, only to have the clerk tell me that my card was denied? Remember what you said when I called you about it, you said that you put a hold on my account to protect me, that you were worried that someone else was making those purchases. How could you accuse me of being someone else, haven’t I always been open and honest with you? You never even asked, you just made assumptions. I was hurt and ashamed.

I tried to reach out to you again today, I called you and asked for a lower rate. Do you remember what you said to me? You said that you were not authorized to lower my rate because of my poor credit history. After everything that I’ve given you, you couldn’t do this one little thing for me? Did you think that I would just accept that lie? I did my homework this time, I have my credit score report right here and it is exceptional. I feel no regret in telling you that our relationship will soon be over. I know what I deserve, and it’s better than what you’re willing to give me.



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