Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | June 8, 2009

in which yelley continues to live out of boxes.

Well we are all moved in. By we I mean me, the boy, and The Mer, of course. So now we’re at the point where we are supposed to be unpacking and making our house a home and all that. But those of you that know me best will not be the least bit surprised to see that my dining room still looks like this:

Though I would like to point out that the completely awful light fixture that was in the dining room when we moved in has been replaced with something a bit more attractive.

We really are working on it though. The Mer’s room is finished for the most part; the walls are painted and the old carpet has been temporarily replaced with new carpet.

That’s the only corner of the room I can show you, the rest of it is still covered in half unpacked boxes.

My yarn room is halfway painted; without my brilliant and talented father here to paint around the top edge, it’s still languishing at the halfway mark. The boy, The Mer, and I all tried to paint the top edge and it just looked like we handed a paint brush to a blind person with Parkinson’s disease (apologies to Michael J. Fox).

(The skateboard is for sitting and scooting about the room to paint the bottom trim.)

Some progress has been made in the living room, the wallpaper is all gone and the walls are clean, thanks in large part to a few good friends and my family. Even The Beast seemed eager to help out.

I also removed that ridiculous rail that separated the living room from the hallway and the room already looks much better. Aside from all the stuff that we haven’t put away yet, of course…

Bonus points if you can tell me what movie we’re watching.

And then there’s the kitchen. We’re hoping to do some renovation in the kitchen, so we haven’t done much unpacking in there at all. No sense in scrubbing gross cupboards and putting everything away if we want to knock them out, right? It is nice to have cold food again, though…

Also there is the tiny problem where our stove and oven don’t work, so it’s not like we have much cooking to do in there. We’ve been getting creative with the George Foreman grill and now I’m really glad that I let the boy talk me into buying that slow cooker that seemed ridiculously large at the time.

We’ve had a couple of contractors come in to give us estimates on the work we want done in the kitchen, which is to turn this:

into this:

It will likely be a long work in progress… we can afford to have the wall removed right now, but it might be several months before we can replace the cabinets and flooring. But I guess a gutted kitchen won’t really be much different than the non-working kitchen that I have right now.

My to-do list (and to-buy list) keeps getting longer and longer. But it’s okay, because a commercial told me that I own a part of California and it’s an investment in my future. I’ll just keep telling myself that.

And now I think I need to pay some attention to The Mer.



  1. LOVE the color of the walls in your sister’s room. And the plans to open up the kitchen look worthwhile indeed.

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