Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | June 29, 2009

in which yelley glues herself to the floor.

I mean that quite literally. I have been working on tiling my yarn studio this weekend and I am nearing the halfway mark. I’m using vinyl composition tile (VCT), like the kind that is used for elementary schools and hospitals and the like. I’ve been told it is an odd choice, but the look I’m going for in my yarn studio (we’ve taken to calling it that, more classy sounding than yarn room, yes?) is one of a cozy sort of local yarn shop. So I guess that means eclectic and inviting with lots of seating and yarn lying about. The local yarn shop that I frequent, and the inspiration for my floor, is not quite there yet for me. But it’s only been open for a couple of months and I think it’s on its way.

Anyway, VCT is installed with a special adhesive instead of thin set used for ceramic tiles and the like. The adhesive is the color of ground ginger (and kind of smells like it too, but I may be crazy from all the fumes) and sticky as… something really sticky. No not honey, more sticky than that. Not Super Glue either… a little less sticky than that. But I digress. So the adhesive is spread on the floor and then you leave it for while to dry and become tacky, then you just press the tiles into place. Edge pieces that require cutting can be scored and snapped easily with a utility knife and a straightedge, as long as you remember a few things from high school geometry. Sounds simple, right? It is, sort of. As long as you don’t accidentally step in the tacky glue and, once you manage pry your foot off the floor, have to hop to the bathroom to scrub it off, taking several layers of skin with it. And as long as you don’t accidentally lean your forearm into the tacky glue. I have one very smooth forearm now. But really, you’re not here to read about my waxing alternatives, you’re here to see pictures. Here is my inspiration room, the floor at my yarn shop, The Urban Sheep:

I tried the random arrangement and it just didn’t work for me. Since I’m staggering my 5 colors of tiles each one touches 6 others instead of 4 and that made it really difficult as I’d always end up with tiles of the same color adjacent to each other. So here is where I’m at so far:

I love it, except now I feel like I need to switch the wall color. I’m hoping that once I have everything else in it it will be fine…

In other news, my secret knitting from my last entry is no longer a secret. I was designing a pair of socks for the Anzula sock club. I only had a week to get it together though, so I’ve actually only made one sock so far…

The yarn is Anzula’s 80/10/10 sock weight, a blend of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon. If you didn’t follow the link to Anzula’s store last time I still highly recommend that you do; the yarn is so soft and the colors are beautiful. I’ve names the pattern Lexie, after my house plant that is named after my friend Alexa that gave it to me. What can I say, the socks needed a name and Lexie was the first thing I saw when I looked up. Dull, I know.

I learned a lot of things while making this sock, mainly that I prefer heel flaps to short row heels and that I like the slipped stitch heel flap better if done in 1X1 ribbing. The heel flap looks good from the back when worked in the ribbing too, so it would be a better choice when making reversible socks. Also I think I will make more socks where the back portion above the heel is in 1X1 rib as well; I like how it connects the heel flap with the cuff and it makes for a nice snug fit around the ankle. Next time I will try twisting the slipped stitches in the heel flap and making twisted 1X1 rib up the back, as that is my favorite.

I’m nearing 10000 hits on my blog, which I think is crazy but the counter doesn’t lie. I know that most of the people that visit are looking for my Windmill Bag, but I know that there are a few of you that actually take the time to read my regular posts as well. (Also the strange 2 of you, or maybe the same person that came here twice, that googled “proud family movie peanut people” to get here. I won’t ask if you won’t tell, okay? By the way, to the person that came here by googling “my mother is angry that i’m converting” I sincerely hope that things went well for you.) And so I will be having a bit of a blog contest for you, the people that actually read what I have to say. The prize will be some selections from my stash, which I fear has grown to slightly ridiculous proportions when I wasn’t looking. And it will be good stuff, yarn that you will want; I actually don’t have even a single skein of Red Heart acrylic in my possession. Not that Red Heart isn’t a fine yarn for what it is intended, but wouldn’t you be a bit disappointed if that was the prize? Details will be up as soon as that counter rolls past 10000.

And now I must go prepare for this evening. I have a date with the boy and I intend on crying a lot.



  1. OMG looks so awesome. I am in Seattle, and it is full of awesome here. I did go to a yarn stores, but I did not get anyone any yarn souvenirs, as there was a limited quantity of specialty yarn here, and it was only self striping sock yarn in the colors of the Washington sports teams. I hope to find a fiber source though.

    On the yarn studio, I think you will need new floor trim pieces, since the old ones are yuck and your room is yay.

    And I should be able to come over like in 2 weeks. Text me.


  3. I love the socks, and wonderful progress on the floor too!!

    • Thanks! Are you going to post pictures of your new place? ^_^

  4. I love the tile!

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