Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | July 7, 2009

in which yelley has millions of peaches, peaches for free.

There is a peach tree in my backyard. Now we have lots of little peaches.

We forgot about that part where you should take off a lot of the fruit so that the remaining peaches grow larger…. maybe next year. They are pretty delicious though.

So this blog has been viewed over 10000 times. Not counting all the times I’ve had to come here because I forgot the stitch counts on my own patterns. Time for a blog contest to mark this not-so-important milestone! Let’s make this a bit more interesting than the standard post a comment and I’ll draw a name from a hat contest. So instead I am going to have a Six Word Story contest.


  • Have a look around the Six Word Stories site.
  • Post a comment with your own six word story. Enter up to three stories. Anonymous posts will not be counted.
  • Stories must contain only six words. Made up words are okay.
  • Entries must be posted before 12:00AM Pacific time on Saturday, July 11th. The expert panel of judges (me, my boyfriend, and my sister) will judge the entries and I will post the winner sometime that weekend.
  • Here is what I’m offering as a prize, which is hopefully enticing enough to get several entries since I’m excited to read some six word stories…

    Two skeins of Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino and one skein of Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sport. The colors look nicer in person, but you’re just going to have to trust me on that one. See, I told you it would be nice yarn.

    Some of my six word stories:
    That time really was the last.
    Until death do us part. Maybe.
    Atheist dies. God is real. Fuck.
    Christian dies. No God. The end.



    1. Penguis pooped, hippos slept, Seattle Rocked.

    2. Dropped stitches became a customized pattern.

    3. Six words: Better than Haiku.

    4. hehe.

      Should have put:

      Six words are better than Haiku.

      But, that’s not really a story so much as a statement.

      Also, I forfeit any winnings if one of my stories wins, as I already have an uncomfortable amount of stash.

      • the way things are going, you’ll be the only person that enters…

    5. On the subject of peaches, we should make peach preserves. But at a home with a stove.

      • I have a stove! It’s just in multiple pieces. And non-functional. But it’s still a stove…

    6. This is difficult! I’ve been thinking for two days, with dubious results.

      Widowed, veiled, hiding scars, not tears.

      Balloon and wails, both rising swiftly.

      Anouncement: Cleanup crew to Roller Coaster!

      I just can’t seem to do a happy one. Congrats on 10000 views and all the peaches. Love peach juice dribbling down my chin!

    7. Zombies exist!?! What was that noise??

      and you should totally jam those peaches! peach jam is dead easy to make and soooo good!!!

    8. Knit for sanity. No one dies!

    9. Wood Knitting Needles Kill Vampires! Maybe?

    10. Phone Rings. Telemarketer?!?! No Thank you.

    11. Bark. Squirt. Bark. Squirt, squirt. Silence.

      • I miss echo.

    12. Tweet.

      Now I lay me down…THUD!

      Apple misses Newton… YAY! Zero Gravity!

      Hope there aren’t too silly. Thanks for the contest and congrats.

    13. Pain. Knitting. Less Pain. Happy Day!

      Well, that was my story today. It was great to see you at knitting! I hope that you had a nice day!!!

    14. Yelley blogs, renovates, knits…so cool!

    15. I forgot to mention – I realize my six words are after the contest, but I had to send them anyway for the heck of it! I love your windmill bag (that’s how I wandered in here). 🙂

    16. who is the WIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnner?

      Also what are you doing this Sunday? I can bring Echo.

    17. Wondering if you’ve chosen a winner yet?

    18. I have found some awesome pectin that doesn’t need a lot of sugar to set up. This will be important for next year when we make peach preserves. Pomona’s Universal Pectin. Remember that.

    19. I am still wondering if there will be a winner for this contest?

      • I totally forgot to post about the winner! Yes, Heather was the winner with her 6 word story “Zombies exist!?! What was that noise??”

        • Congrats Heather!! I loved the zombie one!!!

    20. Congrats Heather!

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