Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | August 2, 2009

in which yelley mourns a great loss.

Dear The Green Ninja, wherever you may be,

It is often said that you don’t know what you have until it is gone, and sadly I am finding that cliche to be quite true. The last two weeks without you have been painful, your presence is sorely missed. Thinking back on our time together now I feel a twinge of regret; regret that I didn’t think as highly of you as I should have.

We have been through a lot together and you have always remained faithful and dependable. I remember when we first met, I was a sophomore in high school. Still two years too young to fully enter a relationship with you, and yet you were already promised to me. Until then you belonged to my mother, but it was a comforting two years for me. While all my friends wondered how they would get around, I knew that I had you patiently waiting for me. Until the day actually came, and my mother was not ready to part with you. Then four years later you went to The Mer. I was so sad, and so bitter… if you ever meet up with her again, please don’t tell Kwan that a lot of the time that I was with her, I was thinking of you.

We still had some good times together, though! Remember that time The Mer and I took you to New York? The Mer got pulled over in New Jersey and I swear the only reason she got off on that ticket was because the cop was Filipino too. Remember that time The Mer was driving you home from Chicago and your hood came flying off on the Chicago Skyway? How could anyone confuse the hood latch for the trunk release? She drove you around with no hood for weeks! Remember when we had to caravan around, you with no hood and Kwan with her donut on, both flashing hazards the whole way? People staring as they passed by, couldn’t get away from us fast enough, we looked so dangerous! You’ve had your share of accidents too, mom always did seem to be a magnet for that kind of thing. With your chipped fenders and your replacement primer-black hood, you weren’t much to look at in your later years, but you were still just as reliable.

Remember the day when you finally came to me? We signed the papers in our driveway and you became ours, secured to the tow dolly and ready to set off on a cross-country trip to California.

Remember that night in Iowa when The Boy thought he could back up the moving truck with you behind and got you all crooked on the dolly? We had to call someone to help straighten things out. You always had those scrapes on your side from that night. We made it out to California just fine though, you had a bit of trouble with your exhaust system, but nothing we couldn’t fix. Remember when we moved down to Arizona and you got a flat tire on I-5 in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour? We unpacked our whole trunk on the side of the expressway to change the tire, only to find that the spare was flat too! Good thing I bought you that AAA coverage the day before…

Yes, we’ve been through a lot together these past several years. And now you are gone and I can’t help but think it is my fault. It was my idea to keep you parked in the street. We do have room for three cars in our driveway, but you had a slow oil leak and I cared more about a stained driveway than I did your safety. I see the error in my ways only now, now that it is too late. We had you towed away… if i had known then that it was the last time we would see each other… the insurance agent called you a total loss and I was devastated. But I will remember our good times together, all the times that you were there for me even though I wasn’t always there for you. I hope you can forgive me.




  1. Awwww! Poor Green Ninja … RIP! I keep my clunker going on love and spare parts. (And the blood of the innocent)

  2. Sky God, my beloved 1969 Firebird Convertible has been in Car Heaven for several years now. I sent him a message to watch out for The Green Ninja.

  3. Want to buy a perfectly broken in toyota pickup?

    • Hmm… based on past experience with cars that The Boy has gotten from you I’m going to have to pass on this one…

  4. My condolences on your loss.

  5. Poor Green Ninja.

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