Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | October 8, 2009

in which yelley crawls out from under the covers to blog.

I am sick. No, I do not have the swine flu. It is more of a cold that has decided to settle in my lungs which causes my asthma to stir from its normal state of dormancy. Suddenly it wakes up, realizes it has been more than a year since it last tried to kill me, decides to start making my life miserable again… you know how adult asthma works. It’s great… the coughing from the cold triggers an attack to the point where I actually need the medicine I’ve been trying so hard to not use.

I used to get sick like this in the past quite often. Using my imaginary MD skills I decided that the times it happened were when I would get a cold accompanied by some other asthma inducing factor. I’d get it when I would come home from college for more than a few days, which I decided was from being re-introduced to our dogs and the dust and everything that Michigan had that Indiana didn’t. So here’s what I think my trigger is this time:

That’s Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. I spent last week in Colorado attending a management training meeting and visiting my internet friend John (who received a very nice scarf from me, if I do say so myself). The training was in Denver, which was not anything at all like the awesome city I’d heard it was (sorry Denver), then i went up to Fort Collins to visit John. Fort Collins was much nicer and had the best yarn shop of the 4 I went to in Colorado, which is of course very important to me in a city. Anyway, the state is beautiful, but I don’t understand how people breathe there! Even walking at a leisurely pace in downtown Fort Collins seemed like hard work, and not just because I am out of shape… I trek around San Francisco for hours without feeling like my bronchi have given up on life. Going up into the mountains was incredibly difficult… the sign said “Distance: 237 feet to Bear Lake” and by the time I got there I could barely breathe. Ridiculous. So yes, I think that getting a cold combined with struggling to breathe all week has resulted in my asthma sickness of near death. Awesome. I suppose I’d get used to it after a while, but for now I think I can cross Colorado off the list of places I might want to live in someday.

So I am home from work, catching up on the DVR and some knitting, cuddling with Tomo-chan, feeling incredibly guilty for not being at work, the usual sick day activities. I hate calling in sick because it feels like such a waste of a day. Now, if only I could call in I need to do laundry, or call in I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping in 3 weeks…



  1. Get better, girl.

  2. I hope that you are feeling better soon!!!

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