Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | November 3, 2009

in which yelley knits a hat (twice).

I won a blog contest. Somewhere out there is a random number generator that likes me, and I received a copy of the Squares Squared Hat pattern from Cosy. Cosy is one of my favorite knitters that live in the internet because she makes all sorts of creatively embellished things from little bits of scrap wool and recycled yarn and buttons and other fun whimsies. Anyway, part of the deal of said blog contest was that I had two months to make the hat and blog about it, so here it is (would have been done in one day, had I not had to reknit it…):

True to the designer’s style, I used some bits of my drop spindled yarn, some random leftover white wool that has been living in the corner of my wool box for 3 years now, and some purple Cascade 220 that I’m not sure what I was thinking about when I purchased a year ago. Yarn rescued from the depths of my stash that I would have never thought to pair together, but somehow it works in the finished hat. Which I love, even if it is a little bright and silly.

I had some issues with the sizing… after I did my gauge swatch and checked the pattern I decided to make the XL size; my head is roughly the same circumference as Cosy’s and she preferred the fit of the XL, I also like my hats to be a bit large and come down very low over my ears. Well, that was a pretty big mistake, as I got most of the way through the hat and realized that it would be ridiculously large, even for me. So I ripped it out and restarted with the large size and still had to make some mods to make it work: changed the 1×1 rib on the brim to 1×1 twisted rib, which I do for everything because I like it better, omitted the last stripe (which meant that I Kitchenered the top using my handspun thick and thin yarn… not fun), and added some creative decreases to the top to keep the fairisle pattern neat and so that the hat would be narrow enough on top without the last stripe decreases.

So, yay for new hat, yay for using the handspun, and yaaaaaaaay for fairisle. Have I mentioned here before how much I love fairisle? It’s a lot. Very addicting knitting since I always want to do more to see the patterns emerge. Maybe I should go dig up those Christmas stockings I was working on…



  1. OOOOOOoooooo I want a knitted hat. but just make it one color, please. And I am a big-headed guy, so I will need an XXL most likely. Thanks.

  2. Nicely done – what a great finished object! And I totally agree about fair isle – its completely addicting!!

  3. […] and a shorter one on the it’s peanut butter yelley time blog. […]

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