Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | January 1, 2010

in which yelley recaps 2009.

January: Decided to buy a house. Had some awful kind of food poisoning.
February: This blog was born. The house hunt continued unsuccessfully.
March: The house hunt continued unsuccessfully.
April: Under contract for a house.
May: Went to Chicago, saw my family, turned 25 (ew). Went to Las Vegas, saw my family.
June: Moved into the house. Mer moved in too. Started kitchen renovations.
July: Lost The Green Ninja in a tragic accident. Kitchen renovations at a stand-still.
August: Attended Sock Summit. Kitchen renovations at a stand-still.
September: Acquired a small dog. Celebrated 3 year anniversary with The Boy in San Francisco. Kitchen renovations at a stand-still.
October: Went to Denver and Fort Collins. Mer and I got the swine flu. Kitchen renovations… well… yeah.
November: Mer moved out. Worked Thanksgiving.
December: Worked Christmas. Worked New Year’s. Kitchen… still haven’t worked in there.

Jobs Held: 1 (!!!)
Places Lived In: 2 – one apartment and one house (!!!)
States Lived In: 1 (!!!)
States Visited: 4 (Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado) Needs improvement…
Foreign Countries Visited: None. Not even Canada. Disgraceful.
Boyfriends: 1 ❤

Last year's checklist:
Jobs Held: 3
Apartments Lived In: 3
States Lived In: 2
States Visited: 5 (Michigan, Illinois, Nevada, California, Arizona)
Foreign Countries Visited: 1 (Canada counts)
Boyfriends: 1 ❤

Last year's goals:
1. No buying yarn. Except for Stitches West. I have enough yarn to knit for years.
(Well… I didn't buy yarn between 1/1/2009 and Stitches West… so I sort of did this? No?)
2. Save money. A lot of it. Need to get the down payment scraped together.
(Saved enough for the down payment and then some!)
3. Buy a house.
(Closed and moved in on June 1st!)
4. Add 10 more recipes to my regular rotation cookbook.
(Well… I don't have a working kitchen, but I am pretty good with my slow cooker now…)
5. Knit more for other people.
(Three hats for Mer, one hat for Mer's boy/friend, one hat for Tess, two pairs of socks for Mom, one sweater for Grandma, one scarf for John, one sweater for Tomo-chan… I think I did okay here.)

It's been a good year… such is the life of a privileged 20-something. ^_^

The blog has been a bit neglected, but I have lots of pictures of Xmas knitting and Xmas presents to share as soon as I get back from vacation (!!!). Off to Michigan to visit my family tomorrow!


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