Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | February 28, 2010

in which yelley has less of a kitchen than she did before.

Somehow The Boy and I both got a three day weekend together, so kitchen renovations are back in full swing. We spent the better part of today smashing out tile and cabinets and now the kitchen is completely empty. Except for some old linoleum that doesn’t want to come up, but we’ll worry about that later.

We made it through the day without injury! Unless you count the window, which The Boy accidentally smashed with the hammer…. so we’re getting a new window too! Yay. So tomorrow we will be assembling and hopefully installing cabinets. We have what seems like thousands of IKEA boxes in our garage full of various bits and bobs that are supposed to come together to form cabinets somehow, but we’ll see how that actually turns out tomorrow. We need to get them up soon, we paid for our countertops today. Assuming things go well(ish), here’s a bit of what we’ll be putting in…

Cabinet color.

Countertops – Silestone.
I am so sore right now and it’s probably going to be even worse tomorrow. The Boy is in the kitchen taping plastic over our window as a temporary fix until we can get the new one installed and I think that maybe I will knit on the awful socks for a while before I collapse for the night.

Oh yeah, I went to Stitches West yesterday and bought a lot of stuff. Lots of roving, a couple sweater quantities, some stuff for my yarn room, etcetera. Maybe I didn’t really need any of that stuff, as it is very possible that I may be approaching SABLE status, but the new additions definitely look nice on my yarn shelves…

For the non-knitters, SABLE stands for stash acquisition beyond life expectancy, when one has more yarn than one can possibly knit in their own lifetime. That’s perfectly acceptable though, right?



  1. That’s a jaw dropping stash. I am particularly thrilled to see someone else who has what looks like as much Noro as I do.

    • That Noro has been in my stash for quite a while… I can’t decide on a project that is worthy of the yarn!

  2. What a huge and wonderful project you have going with your kitchen. But as long as your yarn is safe from the nasty dust…all’s right with the world!! My fabric is all safe in plastic tubs!

    Uncle Stan and I went to a speciality yarn store in Plymouth. The selection was wonderful. I bought 100% cotton from Greece. Provence is the name. It’s a yellow gold color. And I’m looking for the perfect scarf pattern.

    Thanks for the push to get me out of the Big Box Yarn mode!

    Love to Jason and the puppy. You too!

    Love, Aunt Pat

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