Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | March 8, 2010

in which yelley grafts cables.

I don’t really need to say anything else, right?

Now that the hood is (finally) done… sleeves… maybe I should make some sleeves for my sweater. Rogue, someday you will be finished.



  1. When I opend this post, I said WHOA right out loud. At work too!

    • That’s how I felt when I finished the grafting and looked back at the top of the hood! I couldn’t believe that it actually worked ^_^

  2. You can just wear it sleeveless. đŸ˜€ Good job on the graft.

  3. You Rock the Needles Danielle! I’m not sure what grafting is but you did it beautifully. Can’t wait to watch your sweater take shape. Love, Aunt Pat

    • Thanks, Aunt Pat! Grafting is making a seamless join of two pieces of knitting with live stitches… there is a graft line down the center of the hood cable section.

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