Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | March 15, 2010

in which yelley pretends to have a yarn shop.

The yarn room is finished! Well, almost. I still need new outlet and switch covers, but that is hardly even a thing. I was going for a yarn shop feel and I think that I achieved that fairly well.

My yarn stash and spinning corner. The shelves are Ikea bookcases that we found for cheap on Craigslist and the prints on the wall are things we picked up at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco a couple years ago.

My Ashford Traditional and my baby roving stash. The Boy hung the hooks on the wall for me – I think the roving looks nicer hung up than stashed in the shelves with the rest of the yarn. My wheel was my X-mas gift from The Boy and my parents last year. Still trying to think of a name for her… or him? I guess it could be a boy wheel too…

The table and chairs were another Craigslist find – replicas of 1950s style that fit perfectly with the room. My knitting book library and other knitting supplies. More Ikea shelves from Craigslist. That’s Baby Echo on the upper right shelf! You can’t really tell in the picture, but she is wearing some knitted puppy legwarmers. The flowers on the wall are from Target.

We took the closet doors off and stashed a daybed in the nook. Yeah, pretty much all the furniture is stuff we found on Craigslist. The garland on the top are lights with covers that look like yarn balls that I found in Japantown. Not happy with where they are and how they’re hanging, but it works for now.

We spent a total of $260 on furniture for the room, the tile and equipment was $140, then about another $100 on paint, curtains, and new decorations. So the whole room cost about $500 give or take a bit. Of course that’s not counting the hundreds (thousands?…) of dollars worth of yarn, roving, and knitting supplies….

So yeah, you can be totally envious of me now, I’ll allow it. ^_^



  1. I ❤ baby Echo.

    • I ❤ real Echo.

  2. It looks so lovely! Looking forward to the first yarn party. Seems like a great place to sit & knit all day.

  3. I love it!! It looks so fun and cozy! I bet my sister would LOVE to hang out in your yarn room. She just made a jacket for my son and I’m pretty sure she has further plans in mind.

    Seriously D, what a wonderful project and fantastic room. I totally *am* envious and I don’t even KNIT!

  4. Way cool room. Its nice that you have that kind of space. I am trying to create something like this myself but have to share with someone who is not quite so into it. Looks great!

  5. I LOVE YOUR YARN ROOM!! It turned out amazing! What a great job and so affordable too. You totally nailed the LYS feel. Jealous x1000!!

  6. Great pictures! I’m envious of your yarn room:) Where did you get the bookshelf/shelving system?

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