Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | April 5, 2010

in which yelley and the boy dream similarly (sort of).

(The Boy and yelley are in bed, Tomo-chan is asleep at the foot of the bed. A noise comes from outside, and Tomo-chan wakes up.)
TOMO: erf.
YELLEY: Tomo-chan sleep more.
THE BOY: mmmfffleee.
YELLEY: Are you awake? I was having an awesome dream.
THE BOY: Me too. We were on a date.
YELLEY: We were on a date in mine too! Where were we in yours?
THE BOY: At a restaurant.
YELLEY: That’s hella lame. In my dream we were at an Alligator Park. I totally win.
(All three snuggle back into the blankets and fall asleep again.)
(End Act 1)

(The trio are still asleep about 2 hours later, when suddenly Tomo-chan decides it is time to claw at yelley’s face. Tomo climbs up the bed, settles on yelley’s chest, yawns, stretches, and claws yelley’s face at the same time.)
TOMO: *squeaky puppy yawn*
YELLEY: Ouch, Tomo! Leave my face alone!
(yelley pushes Tomo over to The Boy)
YELLEY: Go wake up Daddy. Daddy really wants to play with you right now.
THE BOY: mmmrrrrffflle I was having the best dream.
YELLEY: Me too! What was yours about?
THE BOY: It was a sexy dream with me and you.
YELLEY: Oooooohhhhh mine was a sexy dream too, but it wasn’t with you, it was with Dave Chappelle. What the hell, right? You were even there and I said to you, “Hey, Baby, you know I love you and after this I’m coming right back to you, but I just have to try this out right now.” And your reply was “I know. If I was you I would too. Go.” And that crazy lady from work was there high-fiving me and saying “You go, girl! You’re awesome!”
THE BOY: . . .
(End Act 2)

Yeah. So, in other knitterish news, the most awful socks ever are complete. I finished them the Saturday before last and they are washed and blocked and ready for gifting. I’ll post pictures of my mom wearing the socks, but I’m not going to post any FO shots because I want my blog to have the least amount of vomit on it as possible. I’ve thought about wrapping the socks in pretty paper and ribbon and telling Mom to not open them until after I’ve left so I really never have to see them again, but I still want to see if they at least fit her. I will be so angry if they don’t even fit her… all that torturous work for nothing. I’ll see my mom this Thursday, I’m returning to The Mitten for the weekend because of my cousin’s wedding. I can’t even express how excited I am to be done with these socks and moving on to other projects. I started another pair of socks with the hopes of having them done before April 11th, the day I return to California, so I can give them to my grandma. Blue Moon Socks That Rock mediumweight in Watermelon Tourmaline, I’m doing them toe up two at a time and I’m at the gusset increases… it’s Monday now, think I can finish before Sunday afternoon? O_o



  1. Oh Yelley, you crack me up! You can totally finish the socks by Saturday.

  2. Yipee! You finished the awful socks! I bet you can finish the new socks by Sunday. With lovely yarn, anything is possible!!

    Have a safe trip to Michigan!

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