Posted by: peanutbutteryelleytime | July 18, 2010

in which yelley wavers and frets.

So I guess I have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. At least that’s what the doctor said after he threw me back on the table and jerked my head around. It was very strange. Now I am sort of stuck at home, since I am not supposed to drive for a while. When I stand or move my head quickly I get a bit dizzy, sometimes I fall over a bit. I suppose it would be slightly humorous to see, but I’m getting pretty annoyed with the whole thing.

In other news, the more I think about it the more I think that eloping doesn’t sound all that bad. I seriously do not understand how anyone affords to get married ever. (Oh hey, blog readers… did you know that The Boy and I are planning our wedding? Probably not since I haven’t updated since April. But don’t congratulate me yet, we’re technically not engaged yet. Like I was going to do this the traditional way…) Our wedding fund bank account is growing, but whether it will contain enough money by the time September 2011 comes around is anyone’s guess. We’ve picked the venue, a small historic house in downtown Monterey with a private garden where we will have the ceremony and reception.

September 2011 is a long way away and we have a while to save still, but I am still stressing about it and I wonder if we’ll be able to pull it off.



  1. oh honey,
    I know you will still worry about it but it’s really not that big a deal. My husband and I had a great wedding that we planned in only two weeks. and we spent less than $1000 on it. Flowers. Cake. Champagne. (cups, plates, napkins and cutlery) and a rent a minister was all we needed.
    A good friend gave me her old dress and paid for the flowers and cake, my mother paid for the dinner and my mother in law provided a tent for the vows part and to house the cake afterward and paid for the table and chairs rental.
    50 people and one night of fun with friends and family. It was great.

    What I’m saying is,

    (btw, I have made two windmill bags and taught a co worker how to knit just because she wanted one too, so thank you!

    • Wow, sounds like you had a lot of help! I think that we’ll be mostly on our own for our event. >_<

  2. Your wedding venue is lovely.

    I hope that you are better soon!

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