Hello, I am yelley. Here are 42 facts about me.

  1. Born 05.14.1984
  2. Atheist.
  3. Liberal.
  4. Scientist.
  5. Knitter.
  6. Wanderlust.
  7. Slight misanthrope.
  8. Have lived in 4 states (MI, IN, AZ, CA) and 2 countries (US and Japan).
  9. Half Filipina.
  10. Allergic to cats, dogs, the outdoors, everything…
  11. Slight Zelda obsession.
  12. Like to cook.
  13. Drive a Toyota Yaris named Sabrina.
  14. Do not have a uvula.
  15. Addicted to chapstick.
  16. Oldest of three daughters.
  17. Do not like bacon.
  18. Have never seen an episode of Seinfeld.
  19. Sort of speak Japanese.
  20. Afraid of clowns.
  21. Sing in the shower.
  22. Sing in the car.
  23. Sing everywhere, actually.
  24. Climbed the Great Wall of China.
  25. Like camping.
  26. Fascinated by cephalopods.
  27. Have a BS in biology.
  28. Have dry skin.
  29. Will probably never trade the glasses in for contacts.
  30. Like mellow music best.
  31. Prefer greens and blues.
  32. Have wavy hair that I iron to death each morning.
  33. Almost never wear high heels.
  34. Addicted to HGTV.
  35. Could probably beat you at Scrabble.
  36. Could probably beat you at Wheel of Fortune.
  37. Actually, if it is any word game I could probably beat you.
  38. Slight Lord of the Rings obsession.
  39. Mensan.
  40. Prefer cold weather.
  41. Incapable of speaking without gestures.
  42. Cry at movies and tv shows easily.

p.s. The header is a picture of plum blossoms outside of Kiyomizudera, the Pure Water Temple, in Kyoto, Japan. It was taken in March of 2006 by my friend, Jason Hartwig.



  1. Yeah! I found you! So glad you started this, you inspire me, build my confidence and bring a humor that tickles my funny bone. Thanks, yelley, you GO girl

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